There are many text expanders out there - the problem with them is that you have to remember the shortcut or the abbreviation for each item. Also, the adding a new abbreviation is usually cumbersome.

Autosnippets is a different take on entering frequently used text - it shows you a list of what you have, you can filter by typing out a few characters and press either Enter or a Function key to insert the snippet.




Press [Insert] to toggle AutoSnippets on and off.

Inserting a snippet

1. Press the correspoding [Function key: F1-F12], more than 12 snippets are allowed, but you'll have to filter them or use arrow keys or
2. Use [arrow keys] to highlight the item and Press [Enter] to insert it

Adding a new snippet

1. Type in the search area and press [Shift+Enter]
2. Select the text in any application and press [Alt+Insert] 

Deleting snippets

Select the item with the [arrow keys] and press [Delete] twice

Reordering snippets

Select the item with the [arrow keys] and press [Shift+Arrow key] to move it up or down

download autosnippets