PicoTimer is a small timer that takes up very little screen space, plays a sound at the end of it's time cycle, takes time entries from the keyboard, takes up little memory and doesn't show up in the task bar or Alt-Tab. Orzeszek timer was the source of inspiration. PicoTimer was written from scratch in Win32, is about 135kB in size and takes up less than an MB of RAM, requires no installation and does not write to the registry.

Setup: None. Just a single exectuable file, no runtimes or huge libraries needed.

Usage: Just run it and type your time value in any reasonable time format:

1 hour
1h 1 minute
1 m 30s
1 30 20

The last 5 examples give a time fo 1 hour, 30 minutes and 20 seconds. Press RETURN to start or stop the timer. Press ESC or double click to close. Drag the timer window to where you want it. It starts by default in the top center of the screen. It will remember the last position.

Sound: It looks for a file called beep.wav in it's current directory, it's ok if it doesn't find it, it will just play a default windows sound. To change the sound, just name your file beep.wav and place it in the same folder as PicoMeter. Uninstall: Delete the PicoMeter.exe file and PicoMeter.ini file

License: is freeware and can be used for personal or commercial use. It comes with no warranty or support. Use at your own risk.

download picotimer